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Everyone has a story:

we can help you tell yours.

Celebrity status is not required for writing a book or recording your story on audio or video. What we may perceive as an ordinary life is often quite extraordinary to our children, friends, business associates and future generations.

Everyday living changes so much from generation to generation. Even in one's own lifetime, technological advances impact our lives in ways that were unimaginable in our youth, but are taken for granted today.

Foods we eat, entertainment, travel, social and political attitudes, our jobs, clothing, education and even religious practices evolve within a lifetime and create an environment ripe with adventures and stories that beg to be told and passed on to family and friends.

We can help you tell your story with audio tapes, CDs and beautiful bound books that capture your words, photos and memorabilia. Interviews are turned into narratives spiced with social history. In addition we can incorporate genealogical and historical research to enhance your own materials and sharpen distant memories.

Let us help you tell your story.

Special Editions Customized Biographies
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