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The Process:

Pain-free and Liberating

If you've ever been told, " You ought to write a book," we can make it happen. Better yet, it can be one of the most pain-free and liberating tasks you have undertaken because we do the hard parts for you.

Project Steps

The first step is meeting us in the comfort of your own home. If you supply the hot water, we'll bring the tea bags. We’ll peruse other client book projects, discuss your vision, budget constraints, schedules and deadlines.

When you’re ready to start your book-writing adventure, we’ll review the paperwork, which includes a contract and a pre-interview survey; then pencil-out an action plan.

Our next meeting is the advent of the book project. Armed with your completed pre-interview survey, we turn on the tape recorder and ask you questions. As the questions progress, the foundation of your story begins to unfold.

Your biggest challenge is gathering and selecting photos, documents and other memorabilia that you would like to include.

If you would like to save costs, you or other family members can help with scanning images, submitting letters and other writings, generating artwork or any other creative endeavor that adds to the uniqueness of your project.

After the tape stops rolling, the real work begins in turning tape into type. Then the transcript is transformed into a narrative and given back to you for corrections and additions. It is also a time to reflect on our direction and re-strategize, if necessary.

The approved transcript is added with your selection of images, organized and compiled into a book layout format.

Editing is a continual process throughout the project, but the edit becomes the most critical at the last stage when all the components need to be checked and verified. For that process, we employ a qualified editor who looks at it with fresh eyes.

The next step is the creation of a galley copy that is a sample of how the final product will look. This provides one last opportunity to do edits, change papers, binding, foil stamping or any of the components that comprise a completed book project.

When the galley copy and its edits are approved, the final production is made and the books are delivered to your doorstep.

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Special Editions Customized Biographies

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Special Editions Customized Biographies