Special Editions Customized Biographies
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Personal Historians

Rick & Paula Slavens

Husband and wife team, Rick and Paula Slavens are owners of Special Editions Customized Biographies. We create and publish graphically-rich books, custom design projects and works of art for individuals, families and family-owned businesses.

Preserving history is our livelihood and passion, born out of the desire to do work that enhances people’s lives and provides keepsakes for generations. After years devoted to the high tech industry and corporate arena, the Slavens team pooled their collective skills to devote their lives to preserving the past through storytelling and historical and genealogical research.

Between the leaves of a beautifully rendered book, words can create awareness and understanding, bridge emotional connections with past generations and can even heal lives.


The Slavens team collaborates with other members of the Association of Personal Historians who specialize in transcription, video services, proofreading and editing. "Employing the best skills from our resource team, provides a better quality product for our clients," says Paula.

Special Editions Customized Biographies

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Special Editions Customized Biographies